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Windshield Chip Repair Service

What Does Repair Resin Do for My Windshield?

A rock chip repair essentially replaces the gap caused by the damage with a specially formulated windshield repair resin through the following steps:

  1. Impact point is drilled out with a tiny bit to open up the damaged area
  2. Windshield repair resin is injected into the damaged area, Then the air pocket is vacuumed out.
  3. The glass is heated to cause the resin to expand and flow into the damaged area
  4. The resin is exposed to UV light to cure and harden
  5. This entire process usually only takes 30 to 40 minutes!

The resin injected into your rock chip restores the bonds between the layers of laminated glass that make up your windshield. Gaps in these laminated glass layers are the weak points in your windshield and will be the place the glass fails if and when it does. These laminated glass layers also cause any damage to the windshield to get worse over time. Slight changes in temperature, rain, and even small bumps in the road can be enough to expand any damage to the glass. If left untreated for too long, that small rock chip will eventually destroy your windshield and leave you with only one option - get a new windshield.

It Is Your Right To Choose

At Chapman Auto Glass our auto glass replacement  and  windshield repair services are accepted by all insurance providers. We are connected with each and every insurance company throughout Kansas to ensure fast resolution of your auto glass insurance claim. Any glass damage would fall underneath your comprehensive coverage and when you file a claim, in most cases it has no effect on your monthly insurance rates. Most insurance companies waive deductibles for windshield repair, so it may be free to you.  If you wait for the chip to spread, you will have to pay the deductible for replacement: usually $250.

Windshield Repair

Because an already damaged windshield is greatly weakened there is a chance of it cracking during the repair process.  Should this happen Chapman Auto Glass cannot be held liable for the cost of its replacement.

Warranty remedy is limited to a credit of the repair amount and must be used toward the purchase of a new windshield installed in the original vehicle.  Any applicable deductible will be the policyholder's responsibility.


After the repair is complete

Repairs are warranted against spreading as long as you own your vehicle.  Our repair will return original structural integrity to the windshield.  The system removes the air pocket and fills in the crack, it does not make the damage disappear completely.


Visual Clarity

The system removes the air pocket and fills in the damaged area.  It will look a lot better than before, but will not completely disappear.



How Can Chapman Auto Glass Help with My Insurance Claim?

  • We Can Offer You Opportunities to Save Based on Your Coverage & Policy
  • We Can Handle All the Insurance Claim Paperwork for You
  • We Can Start Your Claim & Schedule Your Service the Same Day You Call